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Daniel works at the garden


Daniel visits and works at the garden November/December 2012 As Daniel has announced at our convention, Daniel did go for the months of November and December to the garden. His plan was to install a garbage incinerator, but he didn't get [...]

Daniel works at the garden2021-11-26T19:09:44+01:00
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Carlos joins the team


A new man arrives  Sarsarale e.V. proudly presents a new garden manager for Kafountine. In fall 2012 Carlos joined our team and is in charge of the gardening since then, its structural concepts and their implementation. Carlos is a born Spaniard [...]

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Project February to April 2013, Anja and Thomas


Anja and Thomas in the Garden In the beginning of 2013, Anja and Thomas made their way to the garden at Kafountine and accomplished quite a lot whilst the time of their stay. For once our longtime associate Mactar leaves the [...]

Project February to April 2013, Anja and Thomas2021-11-26T19:09:57+01:00
25. 09. 13

Summer 2013 Artemisia Showcase in the Prinzessinnengarten


Sarsarale Bed opens in the Prinzessinnengarten To showcase Artemisia to the public, Sarsarale e.V. planted a bed at the Prinzessinnengarten at Berlin Kreuzberg. The Prinzessinnengarten was established in the year 2009 as a urban gardening project in the vicinity of the [...]

Summer 2013 Artemisia Showcase in the Prinzessinnengarten2013-09-25T16:51:14+02:00
25. 09. 13

Music video featuring our garden in Kafountine


Impressions of the Garden by Isiah Shaka The songwriter and musician Isiah Shaka recently produced a song that features, among Ndiguel and other places in Senegal, our garden at Kafountine. Senegal is place of great beauty and our garden amidst it [...]

Music video featuring our garden in Kafountine2021-11-26T19:10:05+01:00
31. 07. 13

Sarsarale e.V.


Sarsarale (means to go or to be everywhere in Wolof) is not only our name but also our motto. Our base of operations is a medicinal- and educational-garden in Kafountine Senegal. Besides the gardens medicinal purpose it is also an object [...]

Sarsarale e.V.2013-07-31T19:40:09+02:00
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The job we want to accomplish


The toll malaria is inflicting on the world population is grim. Nearly a million people fall victim to the disease each year, what is close to 3000 deaths every day. Half of these victims are children under the age of five [...]

The job we want to accomplish2021-11-26T19:07:32+01:00
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