Welcome to Sarsarale e.V.

“Sarsarale” means “Everywhere!” in the West African language Wolof.

Our non-profit, Berlin-based association makes this its motto: We want to have an impact everywhere! That is why we carry out national and international exemplary projects in the fields of climate and environmental protection, education and development cooperation, thereby touching on several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Our projects are intended as exemplary models that can be easily copied everywhere. In them, we demonstrate possible solutions for various problem areas. For some time now, we have been pushing regenerative agriculture in particular, as this offers several approaches to solving the urgent tasks of our time.

At the moment we are mainly involved in the following three projects:

Rehfelde | Berlin | Germany

Just outside Berlin, a foodforest pilot project is being developed in Rehfelde near Strausberg with an associated Solawi (CSA); research activities are also planned. –> more info


| Bandjikaky | Senegal

Also in Senegal, we support the Permafoodforest project, where we want to spread the message of regenerative agriculture with a tropical forest garden. This is the key to feeding people, protecting the environment and combating the climate crisis.
–> more infos