Sarsarale (means to go or to be everywhere in Wolof)


is not only our name but also our motto.

Our base of operations is a medicinal- and educational-garden in Kafountine Senegal. Besides the gardens medicinal purpose it is also an object of study for a sustainable and frugal lifestyle.

A tour through the garden provides visitors not only with insights into cultivation and harvesting of important medicinal herbs and plants like Artemisia annua, Moringa, Papaya or Eucalytos, but gives also insights into processing and, of course, application of these herbs.

Solar-power is at the center of our workings. Every energy-demand is provided by the sun and we try to represent this fact as essential to sustainable lifestyle to our visitors.

Further objectives of the garden are the recycling of water, ecological waste-treatment and the improvement of sanitation.

But first and foremost we are here to provide for a life in selfreliance with dignity and in harmony with the environment. To learn and teach.

Artemisia Annua Anamed

Being everywhere


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