Anja and Thomas in the Garden

In the beginning of 2013, Anja and Thomas made their way to the garden at Kafountine and accomplished quite a lot whilst the time of their stay. For once our longtime associate Mactar leaves the country for Germany and they had to scout for a reliable replacement. After interviewing and checking quite a bunch of people, they came up with Abdouli, a bright and reliable young man. He and Carlos are doing wonders in the garden and the association is very proud to have them on bord. Furthermore the two of them had to make repairs at key installations of the garden, like pumps and batteries, which fall victim to the corrosive climate of the subtropics. A very important project was finished, as they built a garbage incinerator. But that was just a few things they overall did whilst their stay.

Thanks for your hard and industrious work you two!

More informations concerning their stay and other activities of the association can be as always followed in our newsletter.