Sarsarale Bed opens in the Prinzessinnengarten

Sarsarale SchaubeetTo showcase Artemisia to the public, Sarsarale e.V. planted a bed at the Prinzessinnengarten at Berlin Kreuzberg. The Prinzessinnengarten was established in the year 2009 as a urban gardening project in the vicinity of the Moritzplatz. The garden is a green oasis in an otherwise quite barren quarter and serves not only as a garden, but also as a meeting-ground to an interested public, which comes here not only to relax, but also to be educated and to garden themselves. Because these are ideals we can relate to, we are very happy and proud to have installed a bed of Artemisia there.

Anja Nolte from Sarsarale e.V. together with Matze and Lisa from the Prinzessinnengarten did the good deed and planted four mobile little beds of Artemisia. They’ve put up a little information besides the bed which talks not only about the benefits of Artemisia, but also about the work of Sarsarale e.V. Our bed will be featured for the whole of the summer, so go there and explore this remarkable piece of communal space.