Forest garden = sustainable agriculture

Our first forest garden in Germany is our pilot project for a number of other forest gardens, which is why this project is also called“foodforest pilot“.

To show that foodforests also work on a larger scale, in November 2020 we purchased a 2.7ha agricultural site east of Berlin, more precisely: in Rehfelde-Dorf – consisting of forest, wetland, arable land and grassland. There, in February 2021, we began the construction of a Great Foodforest with the creation of a well, the establishment of a CSA and experimental gardens, in which anyone interested can participate as long as the supply of arable land lasts.

In harmony with nature, in pleasant surroundings and without chemical sprays or fertilizers: this is how food has been produced in foodforest systems for thousands of years. These farming systems exist around the globe, and we want to show that we can produce our food in a foodforest (again) in Germany, too.

Our goal is a heartfelt connection of our food with its origin and with us. We incorporate ancient knowledge, couple it with modern insights, and shape the land sensitively and sustainably, with a perspective for the next 150 years.

Website and Newsletter: www.Waldgartenpilot.de

Donations directly for the forest garden pilot: via the platform betterplace

Visuals from the foodforest

We are a private initiative!

Reconciling agriculture with nature

With our foodforest pilot we are testing how foodforests can work in Germany: as a productive system in harmony with nature – producing food for 150 years