Climate crisis

The reasons for the climate crisis are manifold, but have one thing in common: man! But not every person is equal in means and intent.

“Science today is unanimous: the consensus on the physical facts, the validity of the models and the forecasts is very high: climate change exists, it is dangerous, we are the cause and we can do something about it.

The most obvious manifestation of the global sustainability crisis is the man-made climate crisis. For a long time, the greenhouse effect has been scientifically known; since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, the annual average CO2 content of the atmosphere has risen from about 210 ppm to >412 ppm today, with the rapid increase beginning after World War 2.” [Quelle: Scientists4Future]

“The longer we stand idly by and even continue to drive [man-made global warming], the tighter this framework will become, the more difficult it will be to meet our needs for drinking water, food, and a habitable environment.

At a minimum, we must return to sustainable use in all areas and give natural resources a chance to recover and renew themselves.”

[Quelle: Scientists4Future Handlungsoptionen]

With our projects we try to show how we can effectively face the problems of our time.

We use the concept of permaculture to sustainably and biodiversely bind and store CO2 in the soil and to produce a high yield of food in a relatively short time. We want to show perspectives that can serve as a sustainable livelihood for our and future generations.

Numbers, facts and much more can be found here:

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